TY - JOUR T1 - Influence of maternal diet on offspring survivorship, growth, and reproduction in a sheetweb spider JF - Biology Open JO - Biology Open DO - 10.1242/bio.056846 VL - 9 IS - 11 SP - bio056846 AU - Wen, Lelei AU - Zhang, Zengtao AU - Zhang, Shichang AU - Liu, Fengxiang AU - Jiao, Xiaoguo AU - Li, Daiqin Y1 - 2020/11/15 UR - http://www.esdece.com/content/9/11/bio056846.abstract N2 - Prey vary dramatically in quality, and maternal diet is generally assumed to substantially influence offspring survivorship, growth, and reproduction in spiders. Numerous studies that have tested this hypothesis have focused exclusively on parental generation or have considered relatively few fitness components of juvenile offspring. However, maternal diet may have a substantial effect on fitness performance beyond juvenile offspring. Here, we investigated the influence of one-time maternal feeding on multiple offspring fitness components, including the survival rate and growth of juvenile offspring as well as the mating and reproductive success of adult offspring in Hylyphantes graminicola, a sheetweb spider with an extremely short lifespan (鈭?鈥卪onth). We fed field-collected adult female spiders two different diets only once immediately before oviposition: midges (Tendipes sp.) only (MO) or flies (Drosophila melanogaster) only (FO). Juvenile offspring of MO females had significantly higher survival rate, faster growth, and larger male size at maturity than FO offspring. Although maternal diet did not significantly influence mating behavior or fecundity of female offspring overall, those of MO females laid eggs earlier and their eggs also hatched earlier and had a higher hatching rate than those of FO females. Intriguingly, one-time maternal feeding was sufficient to have such an influence on offspring fitness even beyond juvenile offspring in H. graminicola. This one-time maternal effect may be widespread in other spiders and other invertebrates with a short lifespan.This article has an associated First Person interview with the first author of the paper. ER - 曰本女人牲交全视频播放_av在线亚洲男人的天堂_国内少妇自拍区视频免费